Welcome to Alpha Preparatory School


The most effective kind of education is that a child should play amongst lovely things.



Welcome from the APA Committee.

The APA of the past has played a pivotal role in the Alpha community and organised some fantastic events under the chairmanship of a number of committed and enthusiastic parents. We, as the newly elected APA Committee, want to continue and build upon the success of the past and give the APA a contemporary vision that is befitting these modern times. We are committed to ensuring that, going forward, the APA will organise entertaining, high-quality and, most importantly, FUN events that are commensurate of Alpha Preparatory School.

As part of our commitment, and learning from the achievements of the past, we will be undertaking a new programme of events this year as shown under the events section. As you will have seen, its going to be a busy year! We are really enthused about the challenges ahead and about galvanising the spirit of the Alpha community. As ever, to ensure that we are able to meet these challenges, we depend greatly upon your support. We ask you all make a special effort this year to attend the events that the team have worked tirelessly to put together.


Welcome from Mr Trinidad

Dear Parents, I am delighted to be invited to write a short introduction for the Alpha Parents’ Association. One of the great strengths of our school is our strong sense of community and the APA makes an important contribution in this regard. An active and vibrant Parents’ Association provides opportunities for parents to meet each other in a social context, to form friendships and to build support networks which can make your time at Alpha so much more enjoyable and stress free. The activities of the APA also directly benefit our children through the organisation of fun events, which allow them to relax and socialise with other children, and by raising funds which are used to enrich their environment and extend the opportunities available to them. I thank the APA for their outstanding commitment to the School and I look forward to a fruitful partnership which enhances life for all in the Alpha community. Mr C. Trinidad, Headmaster

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