Welcome to Alpha Preparatory School

Aims of the School

At Alpha and Alphabets we aim to nurture, encourage and challenge each child to grow as learners and as responsible citizens. We aim to provide an environment which safeguards the welfare of our children, is effectively resourced (including appropriate technology) and allows children to experience stimulating and high quality teaching. Our expectation is that children will leave us as confident, enthusiastic pupils with the skills and attitudes to successfully enter the next phase of their education.

Broadly, our aims are as follows:

  1. To provide a broad and balanced curriculum which gives priority to literacy, numeracy and science. The curriculum should provide a variety of stimulating challenges, with a view to ensuring that all pupils are stretched according to their ability.
  2. To provide a happy, safe and disciplined environment in which all children can learn and are encouraged to realise their full potential, both academically and socially.
  3. To encourage in our children a sense of responsibility to each other and respect their values and beliefs.
  4. To help our children develop a pride in their work, their appearance and their environment.
  5. To teach our children the value of good manners and the need to accept responsibility for their own actions.
  6. To adhere to the school’s Christian tradition, but at the same time develop an understanding and respect for the beliefs of others. As such, all children, are expected to take a full part in the life of the School.
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