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KS2 National Testing Results


The Key Stage 2 National Tests, which are taken by children across the country at the end of their primary school education, confirm how our children out-perform national standards by a considerable distance. The 2016 Key Stage 2 assessments are the first to assess the new, more challenging national curriculum standards. Results are no longer reported as levels and each pupil will now receive their test result as a scaled score. A scaled score of 100 or above means that the pupil has achieved at or above the new nationally expected standard.


Percentage of pupils achieving scaled scores of 100 or above in each test:

  Alpha National
English (Reading) 94% 66%
English (Grammar, Punctuation& Spelling 100% 72%
Mathematics 100% 70%


Percentage of pupils achieving scaled scores of 100 or above in all tests:

  Alpha National
All Key Stage 2 Tests 94% 53%


The average scaled score of our pupils was at or above the Higher Standard benchmark of 110 in each of the tests in English (Reading), English (Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling) and Maths.

Attainment in writing is Teacher assessed according to strict criteria and once again these results are favourable. Nationally, 70% of pupils were assessed as reaching the new standard. At Alpha, 100% were assessed as reaching this standard, with 61% working at the higher end of the writing framework.

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