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School Policies

 Curriculum Policy (reviewed October 2023).pdfDownload
 E Safety Policy (Updated January 2022).pdfDownload
 Equal Opportunities Policy (Reviewed February 2023).pdfDownload
 First Aid and Healthcare Policy (Reviewed January 2022).pdfDownload
 Health and Safety Policy (Reviewed October 2023).pdfDownload
 Marking and Feedback Policy (Reviewed September 2023).pdfDownload
 Privacy Notice (Reviewed February 2023).pdfDownload
 PSHE Relationships and Sex Education Policy (Reviewed September 2023).pdfDownload
 Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy (reviewed November 2023).pdfDownload
 SENDA -Three Year Accessibility Plan (Jan 2022 - Jan 2025).pdfDownload
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