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Mathematics Curriculum Statement 2022 - 2023



The intent of our mathematics curriculum is to provide the children with the fundamentals of numeracy, whilst ensuring they are stretched and challenged. We aim for all pupils to fulfill their potential, regardless of their starting point. Central to our philosophy is working with pupils to develop their ability to solve problems, reason, think logically and work both systematically and accurately. We encourage children to use these transferable skills in other aspects of their academic and social life.

Excellence in maths is encouraged at Alpha Preparatory School in every year group and the curriculum is designed to progress beyond national standards. This ensures the children are well-prepared for popular senior school entrance examinations. Pupils with a particular enthusiasm for maths have the opportunity to compete in regional and national competitions, many also gain scholarships into prestigious senior schools. Intervention programmes are carefully designed to provide pupils with support where necessary. We want all children to leave Alpha Preparatory School with an enthusiasm and appreciation of mathematics.



Our curriculum is implemented to ensure a depth of understanding. As pupils start their mathematical journey they are taught place value, the four operations, fractions, the basics of measure and geometry, including shape, position and direction. The children regularly use practical resources and kinaesthetic activities to strengthen their understanding of newly introduced concepts. Our Key Stage 1 curriculum is accompanied by the Power Maths scheme alongside White Rose.

As the children progress through the school they are introduced to larger numbers, long multiplication and division, decimals, negative numbers, multi-step fraction problems and shape construction. They learn to use and apply their knowledge across all areas of mathematics, solve complex problems and investigate new concepts. They will also learn the fundamentals of algebra and use algebraic expressions to describe sequences and patterns. Our Key Stage 2 curriculum is accompanied by the Galore Park scheme, which is endorsed by The Independent Schools Examination Board. By Year 6, pupils are working on Key Stage 3 material to aid their preparations for senior school.

Rigorous assessment helps keep staff informed on the progress of pupils, allowing for curriculums to be adapted and altered to suit the needs of each individual. Pupils have regular times tables testing throughout KS1 and Lower KS2. Times Tables Rock Stars is used alongside traditional teaching methods to reinforce the learning process. Every half term pupils take tests on the curriculum covered. End of year assessments will include the full academic curriculum covered. In addition, standardised testing is used once a year to determine the children’s natural aptitude in mathematics. This information is used by teachers to determine pupil levels, which in turn can establish if children are gifted and talented or if they require additional support.



 The impact of our mathematics teaching at Alpha Preparatory School results in:

  • Engaged children who are all challenged and enthusiastic about learning mathematics.
  • Confident children who can all talk about their learning and the links between mathematical topics.
  • All children meeting national expectations, with most progressing well beyond this.
  • Lessons that use a variety of resources to support learning.
  • Children who are able to use different representations of mathematical concepts.
  • Learning that is tracked and monitored to ensure all children are making suitable progress towards fulfilling their potential.