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Physical Education Curriculum Statement

2022 - 2023

The primary intent of the PE curriculum at Alpha Preparatory School is to encourage and develop children’s enjoyment of and proficiency in physical activity by providing a broad, balanced and inclusive curriculum in a happy, safe and supportive environment.

The aim is to inspire an active generation who possess a firm foundation of knowledge, skills and understanding so that they have the tools they need to progress as they advance to the next stage of their education and life, as well as to promote the importance of sport, exercise and movement in maintaining a healthy lifestyle both in terms of physical fitness and mental wellbeing.

In doing so, great emphasis is placed on the values of teamwork, sportsmanship, determination, resilience and a positive mind-set.

We have a progressive, thorough and well organised PE curriculum and dedicated staff team in order to help achieve and deliver our overall aim and goals as outlined above.

Within EYFS, the focus is on learning through play, developing listening skills and the ability to follow instructions, introducing and experimenting with different equipment and building confidence using a variety of apparatus. Pupils advance their movement/motor skills and spatial awareness, often through fun games, as well as working on their agility, balance and coordination and the ability to change speed and direction.

In Key Stage 1, we continue to build on the foundation work covered in EYFS to include more advanced activities, further developing body control/coordination and equipment/ball skills through individual, pair and group work. Elements of competition are introduced including small-sided invasion games and participation in sports such as bench ball, wall ball, dodgeball and handball as well as football, unihoc and kwik cricket; all help to develop the skills of throwing/catching, sending/receiving and moving/stopping. In addition, pupils begin swimming lessons in Year 1.

In Key Stage 2, pupils build on the groundwork from previous years with greater emphasis on healthy competition both in team sports and individually through intra and inter-school matches, fixtures and tournaments. Invasion, net/court/wall and striking/fielding games take a more prominent role as do more advanced concepts such as tactical awareness, positional discipline and set plays. Children are encouraged to develop their fitness, stamina and coordination through endurance and SAQ training. The appointment of Sports Captains in Year 6 allows these students to take on greater responsibility and a leadership role by supporting and mentoring their younger peers. Swimming lessons also continue for all pupils.

As a result of our Physical Education curriculum, which includes a clear and consistent progression in the children’s skills, knowledge and understanding during their time at the school through a range of varied activities. This means that children who leave Alpha should:

 - Develop an enjoyment of and proficiency in physical activity
 - Acquire and develop skills, performing with increasing physical awareness and intelligence
 - Learn how to select and apply skills, tactics and ideas to suit different activities and situations
 - Set targets for themselves and compete against others
 - Understand what it takes to persevere, succeed and acknowledge others’ success
 - Respond to a variety of challenges
 - Take the initiative and focus on improving performances
 - Develop competence to progress in a broad range of physical activities
 - Lead healthy, active lives
 - Develop positive attitudes to participation in physical activity
 - Engage in competitive sports and activities
 - Embed values like fairness and respect, co-operation and collaboration
 - Experience increased self-confidence and self-esteem and believe that anything can be achieved with        determination and resilience.