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Information on Subject Areas

Progression through the School...

When children join us at the age of four, they have a class teacher and a permanent classroom assistant. However, they also receive specialist tuition in Physical Education, French, Music and Drama, and they have fun movement lessons (which are called Action Kids), Art and cooking. Oh, and by the way, you’ll be expected to eat what they bring home!

In Year 1, this specialist tuition extends to include subjects such as CDT and Computing.

By Year 3, they are being taught Science in the laboratory and they are going to Games every Tuesday afternoon at our impressive sports ground in Ruislip.

By the time the children reach Year 5, it is all subject-based teaching, in preparation for those all-important 11+ examinations.

The first term in Year 6 tends to focus on revision and examination technique, before the children take their entrance exams in January. Once those exams are out of the way, we broaden the curriculum and have a chance to explore a range of topics. We also spend a week at an outdoor activity camp on the Isle of Wight.